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custom electrical installation in a vintage Glencoe home where no electrical existed previously in the wall

custom electrical design and installation of 14 can lights into 4 zones in a Wilmette home where no electrical existed previously in ceiling

Full kitchen electrical remodel in Vernon Hills, including re-routing of 24 circuits in order to vault the ceiling, 9 new kitchen circuits, heated flooring, low-voltage undercabinet lights, 4 countertop spotlights

custom electrical installation in a Winnetka home where no electrical existed previously in the walls or ceiling

removed old, bright fluorescent lights and replaced with dimmable commercial-grade reflective LED lighting for the Unitarian Church of Evanston

custom installation of track lights where no electrical box existed previously in the ceiling

custom installation of can lights in kitchen ceiling in Deerfield

Tom talks at a local elementary school about home wiring and electricity

custom design and creation of electrical outdoor lamps that were originally of kerosene type

Wiring and Electrician Services
Featuring Tom Krol as a professional, licensed & insured electrician

5 of 5 stars reviews on Yelp ~ “A” rating on Angie’s List

Clients note Tom’s honesty with wiring and trustworthiness in their homes. He does not suggest unnecessary replacements or do unnecessary work. Clients describe his work as not only honest, but “well thought-out” when it comes to installation.

He’s an expert troubleshooter - sometimes solves electrical issues other electricians could not resolve.

Educated: Tom also holds degrees in Music and Science from DePaul University and carries $2,000,000 electrical contractor liability insurance and full coverage automobile insurance. He passed both the IL written exam and a physical skills test to earn an IL electrician’s license. He stays in contact with the electrical inspector at the Village of Libertyville.
Personalized service and pride in work. Clients always get Tom. No subcontractors.
All electrical work is guaranteed to be compliant with National Electric Code and is always guaranteed 10 years - though Tom has never needed to redo any of his own wiring work.
A Dependable Electrician is a company that accepts checks, cash, VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.
Client testimonials
Each review is from a legitimate, paying client.

Vernon Hills Electrical Inspector to Tom’s client after both rough and final inspections of a kitchen remodel
“You have a very good electrician!”
Libertyville Electrical Inspector to Tom Krol
“I’m glad that you place great importance on quality and integrity in your work. A compliment like that, especially from an inspector, is a great testament to your work!”
W. G., Northbrook, IL
(as appeared on Angie’s List in March, 2018, A rating)
“Everything went great. His estimate for materials was very accurate and he did not overcharge for the time he spent picking up additional materials that were needed when he found several code issues that the inspector missed that could have led to life safety issues. (We were providing a warranty on the house for a year after the sale) After we reached agreement on the additional work, these additional issues were repaired quickly, allowing us to close the sale on time. I would recommend him to anyone.”
A. B., Deerfield, IL
(as appeared on YELP in March 2018, 5 stars)
“Had Tom install some lighting fixtures and replace electrical outlets recently and am very happy with the results. Have used him before and always find that he is very professional and does nice work. I would definitely recommend him as knowledgeable, skilled and reliable.”
(as appeared on YELP in August, 2017, 5 stars)
“I hired Tom to replace some switches and fix some minor electrical issues in an older home. He was prompt, courteous and professional. His price was reasonable and everything works as it should. I will definitely hire him again in the future, and would recommend him if you are in the area and need electrical work.”
B. W., Buffalo Grove, IL
(as appeared on Angie’s List in November, 2017, A rating)
“Tom was great, did a great job and shared his knowledge which I appreciated.”
I. D., Highland Park, IL
(as appeared on YELP in September, 2017, 5 stars)
“Tom is very prompt and professional. He quickly diagnosed and repaired a problem which turned out to be more than what I thought it was and he did not overcharge. He takes pride in what he does. I have his card on my fridge now.”
P. D., Highland Park, IL
(as appeared on Angie’s List in July, 2017, A rating)
“I would highly recommend Tom for any electrical needs. He was very professional and knowledgable about lighting and electronics in general. He was prompt, courteous and a nice guy to boot. His pricing was very reasonable and he did an excellent job of installing a new light in my bathroom. I will definitely call him for my dinning room light!”
J. S., Northbrook, IL
(as appeared on YELP in June, 2017, 5 stars)
“Tom is great. Very knowledgeable and was able to figure out a great solution for a wiring issue I was having. Additionally, he has installed digital timers and removed and replaced a ceiling fan for me. Both jobs were done completely perfectly. While working, he even took the time to update me with text messages which was greatly appreciated.”
B. A., Highland Park, IL
(as appeared on Angie’s List in March, 2017, A rating)
“Tom was very prompt to call back and schedule his first available appointment, I called Wednesday afternoon and we scheduled for Friday morning. He was on time, very nice and polite, fixed the outlet and anchored it to the baseboard so it would not pull out again. Then tested the outlet to assure that it worked properly. Very pleased and would recommend his business.”
C. G., Highland Park, IL
(as appeared on Angie’s List in February, 2017, A rating)
“Tom installed a new dedicated 20 amp circuit for our sump pump and rectified some other wiring issues he found that were not up to code. He did an excellent job of keeping us informed about the work and showing us other problems we needed to upgrade to bring the area up to code. We would highly recommend him and definitely hire him again.”
C. H., Wilmette, IL
“Tom’s business is aptly named. He is extremely dependable and knowledgeable, and has helped us with many smaller projects that larger electrical firms sometimes don’t want to handle. I would recommend him highly to anyone needing a top-notch electrician.”
C. H., Wilmette, IL
“Tom Krol is certainly a dependable electrician. He is true to his word and his work. I am particularly impressed with his careful approach to not-so-easy jobs, and his stressing preventive measures to minimize future problems. It’s one thing to react to a situation that’s a problem already, but it’s another to think beyond the problem to ensure lasting results.”
R. B., Wilmette, IL
“We have used Tom Krol for many electrical jobs, both at our home and at our business in Evanston, and we have always been delighted with the totally professional results and reasonable price. Mr. Krol is always courteous, timely and accurate, and we will continue to use his services in the future.”
R. S., Evanston, IL
(as appeared on Angie’s List in November, 2016, A rating)
“Tom was very efficient, clean, courteous and thorough. I would recommend him without hesitation.”
M. M., Lake Forest, IL
(as appeared on YELP in September, 2016, 5 stars)
“The first thing I noticed after calling Tom to set up an appointment is he called me back. Some electricians won't even bother. The first time he came, he fixed the switch in one of our bathrooms since the light would not work. I called about a week later to have him replace the switches in two bathrooms and the GFI's. I asked if he could do the work on a certain day this week and he made the appointment for the day I requested. He is neat, courteous, and friendly. He even climbed up on the bathroom counter to get a dust spider on the ceiling for me the first time he was here. I highly recommend him.”
P. D., Deerfield, IL
(as appeared on YELP in January, 2016, 5 stars)
“Tom’s great! He consulted with us on the best choices for our new fixtures and did a top-notch job installing them. We’re delighted with the work. Thanks, Tom!”
R. H., Chicago, IL
(as appeared on YELP in June, 2015, 5 stars)
“Tom came my home right on time and was super courteous. He diagnosed and solved my issue within 30 minutes. He was very knowledgable and professional, while at the same time, super friendly. I am very glad I found him and I will definitely call him again.”
R. C., Wheeling, IL
(as appeared on Angie’s List in May, 2015, A rating)
“Tom was such a pleasure to have completed the work that I required. He was punctual, polite, and professional. He cleaned up after himself and I will definitely use his services anytime I require an electrician. Thank you Tom. Great work!!”
M. M., Wilmette, IL
(as appeared on YELP in December, 2014, 5 stars)
“I called A Dependable Electrician to help me get my 100-year-old house up to code. He did a great job and everything looks great. I could not recommend Tom any higher!”
R. F., Chicago, IL
(as appeared on YELP in January, 2014, 5 stars)
“Thanks again to Tom for a great job hanging my flat screen TV. I am 100% pleased and will be calling him again when a job is needed.”
(as appeared on YELP in December, 2012, 5 stars)
“Another great job by Tom. Today he ran my cable wire under the carpet to hide it and I am very pleased. Thanks!!!!”
(as appeared on YELP in November, 2012, 5 stars)
“Tom is truly a man of his word. Dependable, reliable, courteous, clean & prompt. I have used his services multiple times and would recommend him highly.”
(as appeared on YELP in June, 2012, 5 stars)
“Great Work! It’s hard to find a reliable, dependable and safe handyman/electrician. Tom was on time and stayed after to help hang my blinds. I hired him back to install my flat screen TV and would recommend him highly.”
R. G., Wilmette, IL
(as appeared on Angie’s List in November, 2013, A rating)
“Very professional. Arrived early. We will call him any time we have a problem.”
M. M., Highland Park, IL
(as appeared on Angie’s List in September, 2013, A rating)
“He showed up on time, was courteous and professional. Did the work quickly and efficiently. I will definitely be calling on him again.”
J. F., Naperville, IL
(as appeared on YELP in December, 2012, 5 stars)
“Top notch work! He made sure my wiring was up to code and beyond. He explained everything he did throughout the process. He treated my house like his own. I have an electrician for life.”
M. M., Lake Forest, IL
(as appeared on YELP in September, 2012, 5 stars)
“The first time he came, he fixed the switch in one of our bathrooms since the light would not work. I called about a week later to have him replace switches and GFI’s. I asked if he could do the work on a certain day that week and he made the appointment for the day I requested. He is neat, courteous, and friendly. I highly recommend him.”
R. L., Rogers Park, IL
“Thank you for getting the job done! It passed re-inspection (first inspection was before Tom was brought in). I greatly appreciate your troubleshooting abilities. And your promptly getting the kinks worked out while being responsive to the time deadlines that we were dealing with. Your assistance and efforts are greatly appreciated.”
D. O., Evanston, IL
“Thanks Tom! We are very happy with the work and can relax knowing that you did a great job, in the right way and in a safe manner. Really appreciate that! We’ll always keep you in mind for any electrical work and are happy to serve as a reference anytime.”
A. S., Chicago, IL
(as appeared on Angie’s List in February, 2012, A rating)
“Tom came over and listened to my concerns. He diagnosed the issues needing addressing. He explained things very clearly. He finished the work in a timely matter and was very fair on pricing. I will use Tom again.”
L. C., Lake Forest, IL
(as appeared on Angie’s List in October, 2010, A rating)
“We wanted to consult an electrician for electrical work in our kitchen and bathroom remodel due to our present contractors not fulfilling their obligations. We consulted Tom regarding some issues. Tom was prompt to return phone calls and answer questions and concerns we had. While we are bound by contract to use another electrician during our kitchen and bathroom remodel, I was impressed with Tom. We kept his contact information around for when we need an electrician. I look forward to working with him in the future.”
M. M., Wilmette, IL
(as appeared on Angie’s List in 2009, A rating)
“We have used Tom for all of our electrical needs for the past few years and we wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. Tom’s work is extremely clean. He is upfront about costs and makes sure to discuss with us any extra cost before the work is done. We have never had any problems with any of the electrical work he has done and most importantly... we trust Tom fully, so we don’t have to stay home while a job is being done.”
M. A., Evanston, IL
“Meeting Tom was like someone giving me a gift. He has done things for me in my house that other electricians have said could not be done. He is totally reliable, extremely courteous and as good as an electrician as one could hope to have assist them with what needs to be done. What more could one ask for?”
E. G., Northbrook, IL
“I was looking for an electrician and I came across Tom’s ad which said how not only was he a licensed electrician but also a DePaul music & sound grad and guitarist. I hired him as an electrician for remodel work where I offered him more work for additional upgrades after I saw how quickly and cleanly he worked. I ended up having him do everything on my to-do list. Plus he also gave me many better ideas for rewiring and relocation of switches and outlets. After seeing his proficiency with being an electrician, I hired him as a sound engineer for our video production company and will continue to use him and recommend him to people.”
J. H., Chicago, IL
“Tom does excellent work as an electrician. Very well planned. Very well executed. His efficient way of working solves problems quickly and permanently - and he treats clients fairly and with kindness. I recommend him enthusiastically to anyone needing quality electrical work done with thoughtful care!”
D. O., Evanston, IL
“We are very pleased with the work you completed and especially your professionalism and polite manners. These things matter to us and we’ll be sure to pass your name to any friends and neighbors in need of a quality, professional electrician.”
M. W., Coldwell Banker
“My clients are very happy with your work. You do excellent work!”
D. K., Coldwell Banker
“Tom is totally neat, cleans up nicely and very meticulous, as well as being on time.”
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Electrical wiring is as safe as the knowledge and detail of the electrician
Liability insurance $2,000,000 / $4,000,000
Refined people skills from years of corporate project management
Knowledgeable of MAC and PC platforms
Bachelor of Science, DePaul University
Bachelor of Music, DePaul University
Solves Rubik's cube
Speaks fluent Spanish
Eagle Scout
Met in the studio: Frank Sinatra, James Earl Jones, Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys), Ramsey Lewis, Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Baxter (The Doobie Brothers) and The Dells.
Met & recorded Marion Brooks (NBC), Zoriada Sambolin (NBC), Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, WBBM's Felecia Middlebrooks, His Excellency Paul Kagame - President of Rwanda, Chicago Bears Matt Forte, Chicago Cubs Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs Javier Baez, Chicago Cubs Ryan Dempster, Fox Sports Troy Aikman, Victoria's Secret supermodel Karlie Kross, Tiffani Thiessen (90210, Saved by the Bell, Cooking Channel), S Epatha Merkerson (Law & Order, Chicago Med, major movies), Bill Rancic (first season winner on "The Apprentice"), Giuliana Rancic (E! news), Monica Pedersen (HGTV), WNUA's Denise Jordan Walker, Dr./Fr. Michael Pfleger, Dominic Capone (great nephew of Al Capone), Abbott CEO Miles White, Marcelo Balboa (US Soccer Hall of Fame), Elimar Ugueto (Univision, ESPN), Steve Downes of WDRV "The Drive," children's book authors Ridley Pearson and Tom Watson, Top Chef Stephanie Izard, Chef Raghavan Iyer, Ty Pennington, Grammy Award winner Kurt Elling, and Archbishop Burke of The Vatican.
Played guitar on the HALO 2 soundtrack to complement guitar tracks by Steve Vai, as well as guitars on countless national commercials and for Atlantic Records. Performed classical guitar live on WFMT in 2010.
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